Get inspired with 10 tips for Green Desking

We all know how exhausting it can be staring at a screen all day. The white light, the humming of the printer, the million tabs open. What you need is a brain break in the natural world. This brain break could be 10 minutes, or a slower day in the week where you take your laptop to a new place in our wonderful state. This list will show you 10 places you can take your work or your family to enjoy some time outside.

1. Backyard

Back yards are entire ecosystems which are just outside our doors. Find a spot in your backyard where you can let go of your thoughts and focus on your breathing. Notice what is around you; the sounds, smells and sights. Come back to your work refreshed or bring work outside into the fresh air.

2. Balcony

The balcony is the perfect place to take in the view. Inside, all the days feel the same but by going outside just to check out the weather you can mark a moment in the day that makes it different from all the others.

3. Favourite tree

If you haven’t got a favourite tree, in your backyard or your suburb, it’s time to find one. Spend some time exploring to find a tree that draws you to it. Go sit under it, climb it or take your kids to climb it, see if it’s home to birds or other critters. Trees are powerful members of our ecosystems and they can tell so many stories.

4. Treehouse

Once you’ve found a favourite tree, why not build a tree house in it or a cubby house around it? That way you can hang out with your favourite tree forever.

5. Hammock spot

There’s nothing better than a hammock. Get a different perspective on the world by finding somewhere, in your backyard or a local park, that you could set one up. It’s a relaxing way to spend a few minutes or an entire afternoon.

6. Parks

If you open up Google maps to your location and zoom out there’ll be green space much closer than you think that you haven’t explored before. Go on an adventure, bring your laptop and explore somewhere close by that you haven’t been before, or that place you went to one time and have been meaning to get back to.

7. Foreshore

Should you head down to the riverbank on a spring afternoon? For sure! We often take for granted living in a city so close to the river but no more! Grab your lunch and find where the river is closest to you. It can’t be far!

8. Forest

If you’re up for an adventure further afield head to one of our many forests in WA’s national parks. There are all sorts of forests and woodlands to choose from with walking trails, picnic spots and drop bears galore. Come home exhilarated and in awe of the wonderful natural world just a short drive away.

9. Coast

If you’re looking for a change of scene take yourself to the coast. A dip in the ocean will get the endorphins going and you’ll be refreshed for whatever the day brings. If you’ve got a bit of time up your sleeve take your laptop to a lookout where you can watch the gulls and the surfers do their thing and get work done at the same time!

10. Camping

If you need a break from the world it’s time to go camping. There’s no need to overwhelm our regions as there are many camping spots in the hills close by or if you need to do it on a shoestring budget there’s always your very own back yard. You can’t go wrong spending a night under the stars.

It’s time for you to go on your own outdoor adventures and remember there’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing! Take some time this week to immerse yourself in nature and watch the world go by.

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Written by Educated by Nature for Spring into Parks, a WA Parks Foundation initiative supported by Chevron.