Local artist honours WA’s endemic birds

Brenton See at work

WA is home to 17 species of birds that are found nowhere else in the world and artist Brenton See is working with photographers to celebrate these birds, painting large murals on walls where the birds are known to live.

Brenton just finished his latest mural, the red-winged fairy wren in Denmark and is looking forward to painting more with the support of the community through his crowdfunding page.

“A short time ago I was made aware of the current situation of the Western Ground Parrot,” said Brenton. “There are fewer than 150 of these birds left on our planet.”

“I began thinking about how I could possibly use my skills as an artist to help people become aware of the birds that are special to certain areas of Western Australia.
If I could paint a mural of a bird on a wall close to where it is located than maybe people will start to take notice. If they were aware of it, maybe they would want to learn more about the species. If they learn more about the species maybe then they would realise how lucky we are to have a bird found nowhere else in Australia but our state.”