Governor of Western Australia Kerry Sanderson
Honourable Kerry Sanderson AC Chair, WA Parks Foundation

The WA Parks Foundation is an initiative which will involve those who are passionate about Western Australia’s natural environment, and who believe that we all should have a sense of stewardship for our national parks and conservation estate.

The WA Parks Foundation’s vision is ‘our Parks[1] are increasingly loved and visited and the plants, animals, landscapes and cultural values they embody are protected and a source of pride for all Western Australians thus contributing to peoples’ health, wellbeing and to ecotourism.’

A group of individuals have worked with me to establish the WA Parks Foundation due to our own enjoyment of spending time in nature, the knowledge that such experiences have been shown to be good for people’s physical and mental health, our deep concern for the environment, and an understanding of how important natural attractions are to eco-tourism and regional economies.

This group has also seen the tremendous work done by similar foundations in other parts of Australia, and overseas, in bringing together the community, friends of national parks and other reserves and the corporate sector, in order to support Parks, to raise money, to recruit volunteers, and to facilitate collaborations for projects and programs that would not otherwise be possible.

Western Australia has many effective ‘friends of’ groups already, but none with the scope of the WA Parks Foundation, which will look to not only support but also to increase awareness of the value and importance of the State’s 31 million hectare conservation estate.

The WA Parks Foundation believes that all of us have stewardship of our Parks, and the need to conserve and connect with these wonderful areas, as well as the desire to preserve them for future generations. The Foundation believes that by working in collaboration much more can be achieved, and its three main goals are to work with the Department of Parks and Wildlife and other land managers in protecting and enriching our Parks, to develop people’s connection to and pride in our Parks, and to drive community and corporate engagement with and support for our wonderful Parks.

[1] “Parks” is used broadly to mean all categories of land and marine areas set aside, reserved or identified in or under Western Australian legislation for the purpose of conservation of the natural environment and other purposes consistent with that legislation.

Download the WA Parks Foundation Strategic Plan

The WA Parks Foundation is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission