Corporate Partners

WA Parks Foundation is looking for Corporate Partners. While the State Government provides some budget for the conservation and management of Parks, it is acknowledged that additional funds and increased promotion could enhance appreciation, support and resources, and improve biodiversity outcomes. Government land managers face constraints in raising additional funds to support the development of access to, or the amenity of, the Parks, and in managing a much larger scale volunteer contribution to undertake work within the Parks.


Community Partners

The WA Parks Foundation is always looking for community partners to help ensure our Parks are increasingly loved and visited and the plants, animals, landscapes and cultural values they embody are protected and a source of pride for all Western Australians. As such, one of the first priorities of the WA Parks Foundation is to do more through collaboration by developing a partnering framework to work with other organisations on joint projects.

This also includes:

  • Developing a campaign to raise awareness of the WA Parks Foundation and its aim to bring closer collaboration between aligned organisations to increase collective outcomes.
  • Developing a calendar of activities to introduce potential delivery partners and community groups to the WA Parks Foundation.
  • Developing and maintain a database of ‘Friends of’ groups to enable project matching and collaboration.

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Community partnership