The WA Parks Foundation will begin operations with a focus on Parks in and around Perth, where the greatest numbers of visits are made and Parks are therefore under the greatest pressure, and the Pilbara, where improvement opportunities have been identified. However, as the Foundation grows, all areas of the State will benefit.

The Foundation aims to collaborate with others and build partnerships to achieve more. Perth is ringed by Parks, destinations for hiking, walking, rock climbing, bird watching, canoeing, swimming, trail bike riding, boating, school visits, photography, whale watching, orienteering and just spreading a picnic rug. With all the demands on people’s time, some in the community have forgotten what’s on their doorstep.

Others would like to spend more time in Parks, but would feel more comfortable doing so if they could join guided activities, at least initially. The State Government promotes Parks and provides some activities, but the WA Parks Foundation wants to do more to help people enjoy and appreciate Parks, and its goal is to connect people and Parks.

With this in mind, initial priorities for Parks projects are envisaged to be in the following target areas.

Protecting our Parks

Set up projects around the themes of:

  • Improving knowledge of the uniqueness and biodiversity of Parks
  • Renewal, improvement or conservation of priority parks
  • Improving access and use through new technologies, interpretation and information
  • Working with others to support threatened species recovery
  • Protecting the natural environment
  • Controlling weeds and re-establishing native species.

Connecting people to Parks

  • Develop a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of Parks intrinsically and from an environmental viewpoint, and also to our health, wellbeing and sense of belonging.
  • Develop a recruitment drive for members and supporters to work with the Foundation.
  • Initiate a program which features particular parks for a period of time to focus activity, events, partners and the community on Park experiences.

Doing more through collaboration

  • Develop a campaign to raise awareness of the WA Parks Foundation and its aim to bring closer collaboration between aligned organisations to increase collective outcomes.
  • Develop a partnering framework for the Parks Foundation to work with other organisations on joint projects.
  • Develop a calendar of activities to introduce potential delivery partners and community groups to the WA Parks Foundation.
  • Develop and maintain a database of ‘Friends of’ groups to enable project matching and collaboration.

Download the WA Parks Foundation Strategic Plan