Celebrate our green spaces this Spring

Bushwalking at Wellington Dam near Collie

Spring is a great time for us to all pause for a moment to recognise the role parks play in our everyday life. The sun is shining, the wildflowers are out and we connect with parks, physically, sensorily and emotionally.

We want to give you an excuse to get outdoors and reconnect with nature – here’s some inspiration for you!


You can go hiking, rambling, trekking and tramping in our parks, or as we like to know it, bushwalking! Western Australia is huge and at around twice the size of Western Europe, it offers amazing opportunities to explore on foot. Established bushwalking trails give you the chance to discover yourself and explore local culture, jaw-dropping outback landscapes, old growth forests, pristine white beaches, wildflower meadows, and stunning ancient red gorges


Sit back, relax and look up. When it comes to the best stargazing places, WA is blessed. We have some of the most pristine night skies in the world to view millions of stars. On a moonless night you can clearly see the Milky Way Galaxy stretch across the sky; an awe-inspiring view so close you feel like you could touch it.

Fitness Training

Why pump iron in a gym under fluoro lights, when you can do your fitness training in a park, surrounded by fresh air and greenery?

Mountain Biking

WA is blessed with some of the best riding conditions in the world and with more and more people taking up mountain biking the network of trails is expanding.


Measuring an amazing 10,194 kilometres, Western Australia has the longest coastline of any state or territory in Australia. It is little wonder that WA also has some of the best snorkelling spots in the country. If you are after some inspiration on why you should go snorkelling, check out this video.

Pitch a tent

Pitching a tent in one of the State’s national parks is a great adventure for all ages – and one you can share again and again. There are many options with more than 265 campgrounds in parks throughout Western Australia with some 2,900 campsites to choose from.

Create art

Grab your paints, charcoal pencils or pastels and let nature inspire you. Painting landscapes, wildflowers and wildlife in parks is a relaxing and rewarding experience. Artists have been capturing our Western Australia bushland for many years, with the Aboriginal People being the first to create visual records of the landscape

Bird watching

Western Australia Parks are a great place to see birds. Perth has a surprising number of good birding sites within the metropolitan area or within a two-hour drive.

Share your story

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