Chasing the sun

Perth and surrounds have some delightful winter hiking opportunities but if you‘re looking for a warm and sunny getaway, Western Australia’s Coral Coast fits the description and has so much to offer.

This region stretches north for 1,100km from Cervantes just two hours north of Perth to the extraordinarily beautiful and biodiverse UNESCO World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef and Shark Bay.

The Coral Coast offers some of Australia’s best known and best loved attractions – from the other-worldly landscape of the Pinnacles Desert where thousands of huge limestone pillars rise from the yellow sands, fairyland Pink Lake and the dramatic features of the Murchison River Gorge at Kalbarri National Park to the accessible and biodiverse fringing reefs brimming with marine life further north.

Excellent destination, attractions and tour information is available on the Australia’s Coral website here.

Interactive Smartreka maps, a WA Parks Foundation initiative to make it easier to navigate the State’s most popular national parks can be downloaded here for Kalbarri, Cape Range and Francois Perron national parks.