Citizen Science Helping Australian Frogs

Frogs of Australia (Image:Kevin Stead)

Croaks, whistles, bleats and barks – every frog species makes a different sound! By recording a frog call on a new app called FrogID, you can discover which frogs live around you and help scientists identify the habitats of Australia’s frogs.

FrogID is a national citizen science project that is helping us learn more about what is happening to Australia’s frogs. All around the country, people are recording frog calls with nothing more than a smartphone.

There are two ways to get involved in the FrogID project and help save Australia’s frogs:

  1. Download the FrogID app, create a FrogID account, find, record and help match your frog calls.
  2. Begin or join a group. Become an Audio DNA expert – help validate frog recordings from the field.

Discover more about this ground-breaking project and sign up to get involved. Click here: