Dark Sky Festival celebrates total solar eclipse

The Dark Sky Festival from 19 to 21 April will take place in the Shires of Ashburton, Carnarvon and Exmouth to enhance the Total Solar Eclipse experience for visitors with existing bookings to these regions.

Thousands of international and domestic visitors are expected to travel to Western Australia to witness the Total Solar Eclipse on 20 April 2023.

Drones in formation – Dark Sky Festival. Photo credit: Duncan Wright

The festival includes a series of individual events across the Shires that will offer live music performances, family-friendly activities, exceptional dining experiences, stargazing tours and photography lessons for budding astronomers.

The Dark Sky Festival also includes the inaugural Jamba Nyinayi Festival, a Baiyungu Aboriginal Corporation event hosted by Traditional Owner Hazel Walgar at Cardabia Station near Coral Bay on 19 April, the night before the eclipse.

Jamba Nyinayi will feature a drone show by Fremantle Biennale with storytelling from Traditional Owners as well as local and original Indigenous music, dance, food and fire.

Ticketed events for Dark Sky Festival are on sale. Find out more by visiting ningalooeclipse.com