Discover Aboriginal bush medicine

Do you know about the healing properties of native Australian bush plants?

Many bush foods also support the health and nutrition of the body, helping your immune system, treating cold and flu symptoms, healing aches and wounds and soothing burns. Bush Medicine has been used by Aboriginal People for thousands of years and it exists all over the country-side and even in our city settings.⁠

“Bush medicine is more than just a dose, it’s holistic you smell the bush, physically touch the bush, meditation and having the breeze caress your face and listening to the birds and the holistic approach to being out in the bush is so good for your health and wellbeing. Taking your shoes off and standing on the ground, standing on country.

We believe when we go to places of significance for us, hear the spirits of the old people talking to us. We have a special tree sheoak (kwell) which we sit under that tree for healing and listening to the breeze when we lay under it – is the old people speaking to us, when the spindle falls it’s the tears of the old people taking away our pain.” – Aboriginal elder Vivienne Hansen, Binyaarns HOME MADE Remedies

There are many medicinal uses of the native plants and trees that grow all around us, with special methods to collect, grind, boil and make into a paste passed down from generation to generation. Learn more about our amazing natural bush medicines.⁠

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