Family’s Flock to Yanchep National Park to Build Cubbies

Cubby Town Yanchep National Park (Photo -Ross Dowling)

Kids building cubbies was a bustling activity that drew approximately 5,000 people to Yanchep National Park on Sunday 30 April for WA’s first ever “Cubby Town” event, an initiative of Nature Play WA.

Children were encouraged to build cubby structures and enjoy other outdoor activities including crafts made from supplied natural materials. The event aimed to encourage families to take part in outdoor play and provided an opportunity for them to spend time together in nature by building cubbies and forts, taking part in mud play, creating nature crafts and participating in rock climbing.

“Yanchep National Park provided the perfect space for the event and we were extremely pleased with the turn-out. Everyone has a responsibility to look after WA’s natural environment and this is much easier to achieve when partnering with organisations such as Nature Play”, said Park Manager Julia Coggins.

“It’s also a fantastic way to nurture future generations of passionate custodians. For example, we shared stories about how all uneaten koala feed was kept to provide sticks to build cubbies, and how when the cubby building is finished the leftover sticks are turned into mulch to help plants survive the hot summer months”, she said.

The free community event was organised by Nature Play WA in partnership with the Department of Sport and Recreation and the City of Wanneroo.