Feature urban park: Koondoola Regional Bushland

Koondoola Regional Bushland

Koondoola Regional Bushland is a near pristine remnant of the Swan Coastal Plain. It has an extensive reptile population which includes the Significant listed reptile Gould’s Goanna (Varanus gouldii). Its significant bird species include Carnaby’s Cockatoo, Western Thornbill and Splendid Fairy Wren. Its significant listed flora includes Waldjumi (Jacksonia seric), Drummond’s Featherflower (Verticordia drummondii) and Morrison (Verticordia nitens).

Koondoola Regional Bushland has stunning scenery and is an extremely precious site. The Bushland contains approximately 8.6 km of limestone paths and a further 9.2 km of sand tracks with many gated pedestrian entrances. The two seasonal wetlands in the Southern portion of the Bushland, and the dunal formation in the Northern area have high scenic value.

Koondoola Regional Bushland is 137 hectares in size and 15 km from the Perth CBD. This regionally significant area of remnant bushland is located in Koondoola between Alexander Drive, Marangaroo Drive, Koondoola Avenue and Waddington Crescent.

Koondoola Regional Bushland Volunteers

The Friends of Koondoola Regional Bushland (FKRB) are a group of people interested in the conservation and care of this significant piece of bushland. Their primary aims are to care for the local bushland and encourage the local community to participate in its preservation and enjoy learning about it. FKRB undertake a wide range of activities that allow interested groups in the local community to become involved.

FKRB activities provide an excellent way for community groups/members to gain great satisfaction in knowing they are making a difference to the conservation of Perth’s unique bushland for future generations. As part of their commitment to educate the community about this area the Friends conduct a guided nature walk each month. For more information click here