Feature urban park: Lightning Swamp Bushland

Lightening Swamp Bushland

Lightening Swamp Bushland

Lightening Swamp Bushland is a 71-hectare A-class reserve located 12Kms North-East of Perth in the suburb of Noranda. The A-class reserve includes two ephemeral (seasonal) wetlands and semi-perched wetland Category 4 containing water most of the year. Over 3.5 kms of limestone path meander throughout the southern area of the bushland and pedestrian gates allow for disabled access onto some rolled sections of path with entrances to the reserve from Matthews Close and Della Road. An innovative, sustainable 75 metre boardwalk was opened in August 2011 to improve access and viewing of the ephemeral eastern wetland.

The best time to visit the bushland is between the months of September to November and guided nature walks are usually held 4 times a year which are advertised in the local newspaper.

The Friends of Lightning Swamp Bushland (FoLSB) was formed in 2000 and in 2002 a Management Plan was prepared by the City of Bayswater and Friends group. The group holds community involvement activities such as planting in June and July, weeding and rubbish collection at various times of the year.