Feature urban park: Mundy Regional Park

Mundy Regional Park (Photo: Metrotrekker)

Mundy Regional park stretches from the coastal plain to the top of the Darling Scarp to Lesmurdie Falls. Sections of the park provide a virtually unbroken belt of scarp woodland to explore. It is located approximately 16 kilometres south east of Perth, in Forrestfield. There is a car park at the northern end of Lewis Road.

The name of Mundy Regional Park (pronounced mun-dee) commemorates, Mundy (or Munday), a leader of the Beelu Aboriginal people at the time of European settlement. During the early days of settlement, Mundy was one of the most important and successful negotiators for Perth’s Whadjuk community.

The name is also recognized in Mundy Swamp, a wetland located against the north-eastern perimeter fence of Perth airport, south-west of King road and west of the Forrestfield and Kewdale railway yards. The Beelu people hunted tortoises in the Mundy Swamp area, carrying them to higher ground in the east for cooking and eating.

The park contains the 50-metre Lesmurdie Falls, formed by Lesmurdie Brook emptying over the Scarp, and the surrounding riparian and heath vegetation. Wandoo, Jarrah and Marri trees can all be found within the park. A gravity hill exists near the car park on Palm Terrace. An extensive network of walk trails is popular for the panoramic views, granite outcrops and profuse wildflower display in spring.

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