Feature Urban Park – Woodman Point Regional Park 

Woodman Point Regional Park is located approximately 9 kilometres south of Fremantle at the northernmost part of Cockburn Sound. Features include a unique coastline and the most extensive stands of Rottnest cypress found anywhere on the mainland.

Woodman Point Regional Park (Photo: Dept Sport & Rec)

Woodman Point Regional Park’s beach coastline has a distinguishing bushy backdrop of remnant tuart woodland and is a very popular recreation area and comes complete with parklands, playgrounds, jetties and caravan parks.

Attractions within the park include the John Graham Recreation Reserve, located at the end of Nyyerbup Circuit, which has a first-class recreation area catering for a large number of people and is a great place for social gatherings and picnics.

Woodman Point Regional Park features in Nyoongar creation stories and has an intriguing history. There are also numerous historical sites from the period when Woodman Point was used as a Quarantine Station and ammunition store. Visitors can walk amongst the large Tuart trees and bushland along established trails and explore historic sites.

Popular activities at Woodman Point Regional Park include:

  • Biking – A shared path links John Graham Park with Woodman Point Headland and Fremantle
  • Scuba Diving – the Woodman Point jetty (old ‘ammunitions’ jetty) extends about 100 meters out from the beach to deeper water and is one of Perth’s most popular diving sites
  • Fishing – from the Woodman Point jetty. Rock fishing is also popular at Woodman Spit
  • Ocean-based sports – kite surfing, stand-up paddle boarding and sailing around the Woodman Point headland and Jervoise Bay.

Car parking is available at Poore Grove and John Graham Recreation Reserve.  Boats can be launched at the boat ramp at Jervoise Bay.

Woodman Point Regional Park is located within the City of Cockburn approximately 20km south of the City of Perth. Access to the park is via Cockburn Road, with direct access to recreation areas from Poore Grove, Nyyerbup Circuit and O’Kane Court.

(Article sources: https://parks.dpaw.wa.gov.au/park/woodman-point)