Gary and Gaia

Contributor: David de Vos, Park Ambassador

If you’re heading into the south west, go all the way to the coast, to Walpole, where I promise there’s a gem to be found!

Gary Muir is in his mid-fifties and fit as a mallee bull. His head’s shaved, his feet are bare and he’s in shorts. Perhaps he’s not quite what you’re expecting because Gary is your captain and tour guide on board the Lady Walpole discovering the Walpole and Nornalup Inlets Marine Park.

Of course, the look is a front. He is NOT a rough diamond. Gary Muir is as sharp as a tack and when he plays to his on-board audience what comes across as mayhem is really a finely plotted performance. His comic timing is to die for. His co-stars, a number of well-handled soft toys, all have a tactile role in the telling.

Gary should be on stage, instead he’s on his boat selling a message. It’s actually a love story with Gary and Gaia as the protagonists. You all know who Gaia is. Gary certainly does. After all, he quotes Heraclitus and not many people do these days.

Gary’s life is dedicated to the celebration and protection of Gaia. As a goddess, you might think she’d be able to fend for herself. But this is no Greek myth. This is the 21st century and Earth, aka Gaia, is in trouble.

So if you make it to Walpole, which is all water and karri trees, and you book Gary’s tour this is what you get: one man sharing stories of his Walpole with passion, knowledge and gut-aching hilarity; some g-rated animal sex (because water birds can be like that); and, a boat trip through paradise.

Gary and Gaia’s is a love story to save the environment.

Can anything so serious, be so funny?  As they all say afterwards it’s the best forty bucks they’ve ever spent!