Gourmet experiences on Dirk Hartog

Foodies and nature lovers prepared to go out of their way for memorable experiences can look forward to some real treats at the Island Life Festival from 17-21 September.

This five-day culinary and eco-tourism adventure on Dirk Hartog Island is being promoted as one of Australia’s more remote gourmet experiences – an intimate festival for lovers of good food and wine, music, nature and outdoor experiences.

With fresh fruit and vegetable flown in from Carnarvon, visitors will feast on the freshest seafood and gourmet cuisine, produced by leading chefs Russell Blaikie and George Cooper, in a beachfront ‘ocean to plate’ experience.

Dirk Hartog Island National Park | Credit: Australian Traveller

As well as savouring this culinary indulgence, festival guests will have the opportunity to explore the island, and snorkel, kayak or fish in the pristine waters that surround it. They can discover the rich indigenous history of the Nhanda and Malgana people, and forage for native produce with local legend and cultural custodian, Darren “Capes” Capewell, of Wula Gura Nyinda Eco Adventures.

They can also hear the story of the Europeans who first made landfall here in 1616 in search of spices for the Dutch East India Company.

More information re tickets and packages here.

Island Life Festival – a celebration of life on an island paradise.