Hand heart healing through nature ⁠

“The earth, the rocks, the waterways speak to us, the plants, the sand and the waves bring us energy. We are connected to everything around us, the wind in the trees, the birds singing, the sun shining and the rain falling. On country we ground ourselves, with our hands and heart we give and receive healing.⁠

View from above of Broome WA, credit: IG @yawuru.wanderer

When you go out in nature, lay the soil in your hands with an open palm, close your eyes, take a deep breath in and feel the energy flow through you, as you breathe out release any tension that you may be holding onto. Repeat this breathing pattern and acknowledge the country you are on. When you return the soil back to the land, practice gratitude for being exactly where you are at this place in time. Visualise the good energy from country making your heart full so it overflows and radiates to those around you.⁠
Aboriginal Elder Vivienne Hansen said ⁠“While our hands and feet are touching and feeling our earth and through our senses we see,hear and smell nature , all combined to enrich our soul and heal our spirit, invigorating our sense of well being”.
We encourage everyone to learn more about country and the strong connections and ways that Aboriginal People are practicing to heal” – Josie Janz Dawson