Innovative augmented reality experience created for Kings Park

A new, locally developed, augmented reality experience has been introduced at Kings Park to enhance the experience of visitors.

Seven augmented reality images developed for the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority by Perth entrepreneurs Markr Systems have been installed in the Conservation Garden. The stories and images will help educate visitors on conservation and ecosystem restoration. The app has an in-built multilingual translation service.

Using Markr, visitors can learn about the behind-the-scenes work being done at Kings Park and around the State to conserve rare plants and restore them into their natural habitats.

Four plant species have been profiled across the Conservation Garden. Virtual signage relating to the plants will also appear on visitor’s mobile devices.

Users will have the opportunity to learn about native spider orchids and see them paired with a 3D wasp pollinator. They will also be able to see the natural habitat of a rare cliff-dwelling wildflower.

More of the augmented reality experiences are being developed for other locations in the park.