Learn about Aboriginal Bush Foods

Bush tucker, or bush food, has been a source of nutrition and effective medicine for Aboriginal people for thousands of years. There is a huge variety of native plants, fruits, vegetable, spices and animals which can be found all around Australia, and many of these unique ingredients are still used today.
Many native Australian plants have been used as food and medicine by Aboriginal people for generations. We have an abundance of plants and fruits that grow all around us.
“For Aboriginal people collecting bush foods allows us to connect with our culture, being immersed in nature to see, touch and smell the wonders of the country.“ – Marissa Verma (Noongar woman)
Bindi Bindi Dreaming can offer guided tours in Perth and its surrounds that have significant cultural knowledge to Noongar people. There truly are some natural wonders that are found right here in Perth. Some of these sights are amazing to see. You will get a feel for being on country and you will learn of the ancient traditions as well as the contemporary ways that still exist today. Come listen to the stories of the bush and its surrounds.