Meet the puppies of the sea

Australian sea lions are an endangered species. One of their main breeding grounds lies offshore from Jurien Bay creating a chance to see these inquisitive and engaging creatures in the wild.

Hundreds of sea lions live on the isolated Buller and North Fisherman islands as well as Essex Rocks only a few kilometres from land. These islands are known as haul out sites where sea lions rest from their foraging expeditions for food.

Boat tours from Jurien Bay and Green Head take visitors to see these playful marine mammals and you might also spot whales migrating along the coast.

There are sea lion watching guidelines to follow, including maintaining a good distance, not landing on an island occupied by sea lions, and never trying to touch them.

Australian sea lions are picture perfect – their visible ears and large eyes often drawing comparison to the friendly Labrador dog breed. Photo credit: Sealion Charters