Microadventures: small but mighty escapes

In Western Australia we have natural beauty at our fingertips. With more than 31 million hectares of marine and national parks and other conservation reserves, it’s not easy to see every corner of our state. Enter: microadventures. Coined by British adventurer Alistair Humphries, microadventures are ‘small and achievable adventures, for normal people with real lives.’ These short expeditions are designed to fit in with your life, not take you from it. As it turns out, adventures don’t need to be far flung to be packed with excitement, natural beauty and fun. In fact, you can adventure in your very own backyard.

Get a big happiness boost from smaller adventures

A holiday in nature is a soothing balm for our busy and stressful lives. While it’s proven that nature can improve our wellbeing, it’s not always easy to take a long break. Here’s the thing: you don’t need a big holiday to have a great escape. Recent research suggests that spending two hours a week in nature significantly boosts health and wellbeing. Which means a microadventure can give you the same amount of happiness as a longer holiday. They’re a chance to hit refresh on your life, to engage your spirit of adventure and catapult you out of your comfort zone.

Our favourite microadventures close to Perth

Mountain Biking in WA

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of city life in Perth. There are always family commitments, a brunch plan to keep, or an odd job that needs to be finished at home. Luckily you don’t have to give up weekend café hopping to go exploring. There are pristine wilderness a short drive away.


Pedal through the forest

Dwellingup is a mountain biking and hiking hotspot that’s only 100km from Perth. Get on your bike and cycle from the centre of this charming town to the Marrinup Trail. This 8km mountain bike trail winds through the forest, testing your skills and spirit of adventure. Want to stay longer? Pitch a tent at the Marrinup campsite and watch the moon rise over the towering jarrah trees.

Picnic at a waterfall

Lesmurdie Falls, WA

There’s nothing more relaxing than listening to water cascading into crystal-clear pools. Lesmurdie Falls are remarkably close to the city and there’s no country driving required to reach them. Located in Mundy Regional Park at the foot of the Darling Range, you’ll need to pack some comfortable shoes and delicious snacks.

Explore limestone caves

Did you know that there are over 500 recorded caves in Yanchep National Park? The star of the show is the spectacular Crystal Cave. During a 45-minute tour you’ll learn about the history and the stalactites, stalagmites and helictites that adorn the cave walls. Extend your trip to spot koalas, take part in an Aboriginal cultural experience or explore the wetlands.

Bold Park, WA

Get lost in a big city park

At Bold Park you can get a nature fix without even leaving the city. You’ll discover over 15km of walking trails and more than 1000 species of flora, plenty of birdlife and seasonal wildflowers. If you’re feeling game, hike up to Reabold Hill which is the highest point in the Perth area.

Snorkel a shipwreck

This could be the most easily accessible shipwreck in the world. Located only 25 metres from shore, the Omeo shipwreck has an artificial reef and an underwater art trail with more than 55 structures to explore. These include reef pyramids, a swim-through sculpture, replica cannon and more. You’ll find the Omeo shipwreck at the pristine Coogee Beach, just ten minutes from the centre of Fremantle, on the Coogee Maritime Trail managed by the City of Cockburn.

The best backyard microadventures

Do you remember camping on your own lawn as a kid? Backyard microadventures are not a new concept but they’re often forgotten about when planning a family-friendly activity. To get your tribe back in the spirit of backyard microadventures, we’ve rounded up our favourite adventures from the WA Parks 30 Day reBoot.

Crystal Cave, Yanchep WA

Go cloud hunting
Grab some comfy blankets, lay in your backyard and look up. The sky is full of interesting shapes if you spend enough time cloud gazing. Teach your little ones the difference between Cumulus and Stratus or try to find the most interesting shape and see if they can spot it too.

Plant a native seed

Bring a little of the outside world into your own backyard by planting a tree, shrub or flowering bush that is native to Western Australia. Our unique flora is perfectly suited to our environment making it easy to care for. Once your little plant gets big enough, it will become a hotspot for visiting bees, insects and birds.

Practice yoga outside

What’s better than practising yoga inside? Practising it outside. Placing your mat outside will not only make you feel closer to nature, you’ll be able to enjoy nature’s soundtrack as you move through your asanas.

Microadventure from anywhere in WA

No matter where you are in Western Australia, there are microadventures to be had in your backyard and beyond. Sign up to the WA Parks Foundation newsletter and we’ll keep you in the loop with regional adventures.