Mountain bike trails network opened

A 35-kilometre network of new mountain bike trails has officially opened in Lane Poole Reserve, as part of the $8.4 million Dwellingup Adventure Trails project.

The network includes a range of trails suitable for beginners to advanced riders | Credit: Department of Biodiversity, Conservation

The new Murray Valley network of trails includes traditional cross-country trails through to all-mountain descents into the valley, including a range of trails suitable for beginners to advanced riders.

In addition, Dwellingup Adventures has been announced as the proponent of a pop-up trail centre in Lane Poole Reserve. This will include a kiosk, bike and canoe hire and will link with the proposed trail centre in the Dwellingup townsite which will also service the mountain biking and trails community.

Canoe launching facilities have also been replaced at Island Pool in Lane Poole Reserve, improving visitor access for canoeing and swimming.

The three-year Dwellingup Adventure Trails project is jointly funded by the WA State Government, the Australian Government and the Shire of Murray.