New boardwalk for beautiful Goegrup Lake

A new and improved boardwalk at Goegrup Lake near Mandurah has been completed and is now open for the public.

The new 292-metre-long boardwalk includes three viewing nodes with benches and interpretive panels describing the area’s environmental and Aboriginal cultural values.

Goegrup Lake, part of the Peel Yalgorup wetland system, has significant environmental and Aboriginal cultural value. It supports more than 20,000 migratory and resident shorebirds each year and is an important habitat for WA samphire, a protected native succulent that is a key indicator species for the Coastal Saltmarsh Threatened Ecological Community.

The $750,000 boardwalk, funded under the State’s WA Recovery Plan, has been designed to protect and enhance this sensitive and fragile environment, using modern building materials to maximise the boardwalk’s life.

Great care was taken by the local contractors to minimise disruption to this sensitive wetland environment during construction, with no heavy machinery used and the old boardwalk removed entirely by hand.

A remotely operated, pole-mounted camera to be installed at the northern end of the boardwalk will assist with dolphin monitoring during low tides. This will be the fourth Dolphin Watch monitoring camera deployed by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions in the Mandurah area.

The new boardwalk at Lake Geogrup. Photo credit: DBCA Parks and Wildlife Service