New book from wildlife legend

Hollowed Out? by WA ornithologist Simon Cherriman is a story of tree hollows, habitat loss and how nest boxes can help wildlife in southwest Australia.

It is a comprehensive resource on building, installing, monitoring and maintaining long-lasting, bee-resistant nest boxes suitable for hollow-dependent wildlife in WA’s southwest. The book also contains a wealth of information on natural tree hollows, and over five hundred colour photographs.

Simon Cherriman is an award-winning environmental scientist, ecologist, writer, educator and wildlife filmmaker. He is Managing Director of iNSiGHT Ornithology and is one of the WA Parks Foundation’s 52 Park Ambassadors.

Hollowed Out? is the culmination of more than two decades of study and photography of both natural and artificial tree hollows, and the wildlife of Noongar country (Western Australia’s southwest) that depends on them.

Its interwoven themes are about the nature of the region’s remarkable trees, the unique wildlife they support, and the drastic changes wrought on Australia’s only ‘Biodiversity Hotspot’ in the past two centuries.

“Its nest box narrative provides optimism for the future,” says Simon.

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Hollowed Out? excerpt by Simon Cherriman