Back to nature in Karijini

In a recent trip to the Pilbara, WA Parks Foundation Chair, the Hon Kerry Sanderson AC took the opportunity to revisit one of our State’s most spectacular natural assets, Karijini.  She described her experience in these terms:

“Visiting Karijini and hiking in the bottom of several gorges as well as swimming in several pools I wondered at the wilderness experience and the extraordinary beauty of the Pilbara.

“It had been more than 15 years since my previous visit and I was pleased to see the new lookouts which had been developed as well as the Visitor Centre. I stayed in an Eco Tent and saw an extraordinary sunset.

 “I felt that I had left my cares behind when hiking down into and along the gorges, and sensed the timelessness of the land as well as breathing the clear air and enjoying the stars in the sky at night time.

 “Just as extraordinary was the ability to swim in the pools in the gorges. It was a bit slippery or stony getting in and out, but the cool water was refreshing. The experience of swimming in these wonderful pools was a real highlight.”

Kerry Sanderson (centre) with Jeremy Edwards, CEO of the East Pilbara Shire, and his wife, Amanda looking at where they are on the mobile phone as they trial the Karijini Smart Map.


Fern Pool
Fern Pool, Karijini, Western Australia’s second largest park, has rugged gorges and other ancient geological formations, waterfalls and crystal clear waterways, a variety of arid-land ecosystems and a range of recreational experiences.