Out in nature – Waychinicup National Park

Waychinicup National Park, 65 kms east of Albany has been described as picture postcard perfect, with a scenic inlet, diverse coastal heath and interesting granite rock formations. Tree-filled, deeply-incised valleys have freshwater streams flowing through them, with moss-covered boulders.

The park is bordered by the Southern Ocean to the south, Mount Manypeaks Nature Reserve to the east, and agricultural land to the north. Its coastline runs between Normans Beach and Cheynes Beach, near Bremer Bay.

The park’s interesting, and long name Waychinicup is made up of two Nyoongar Aboriginal words: ‘waitch’ which means ‘emu’ and ‘up’ meaning ‘place of’.

Fauna species found in the park include, among others, quendas (bandicoots), ring tailed possums and one of the few mainland populations of quokkas.

The park forms part of the Two Peoples Bay and Mount Manypeaks Important Bird Area, identified as such by BirdLife International because of its significance in the conservation of several rare and threatened bird species.

Facilities provided include a popular but non-bookable (first come first served) camping area and bush toilet near the inlet of the Waychinicup River. Camping fees apply.