Outdoors October

Outdoors October is all about getting more West Australians active and outdoors. We all know the amazing benefits to our health and well being that getting into nature brings.

Ways to Get Involved and Participate

  • You can search the Activity Calendar to find out what is on in your area; or where you can access the activities you may want to do
  • You can make a promise: I Will Get Outdoors and take part in an outdoor activity during October
  • You can Add an Event to the calendar – camping trip, bushwalk, club trip, climbing meet … etc.
  • Give Outdoors October the Thumbs Up and LIKE us and follow us on Social Media
  • Even if you can’t make it to a calendar event, sign up your intention and tell us what you will be doing
  • You can Contact Us and send information, photos and stories about why you love to get outdoors
  • If you are an organisation, club, council or school who want to invite others to come and join in, complete the Add an Event  We will get your information up so others can join in.
  • If you are an individual, small group or family who can’t get to something organised but still want to be counted, fill in the Add an Event form too, so that we can know how many different experiences everyone is having out there in the Great Outdoors.

So go on, get outside this October and enjoy yourself in the great outdoors!