Pokemon Go – good to get outdoors or just more screen time?

The phenomenon of Pokemon Go is taking over the world. Players use their smart phones to chase virtual creatures through real spaces in the hope of “catching them all” for points. It appears Kings Parks is such a hot spot for players, so much so that Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority reported to the media that “while it was great to see more people, particularly young people, visiting the park, the increased traffic had already killed off large swathes of lawn and damaged garden beds.”

The game certainly gets people outdoors but is it just more screen time? Are players even engaging with the natural environment? It’s a valid question our friends at Nature Play WA have endeavoured to answer.

In a comprehensive and timely blog post, Nature Play WA assesses the good, the bad and the healthy parts of the game and has some good advice for parents.

Read the blog post here: http://www.natureplaywa.org.au/the-good-the-bad-and-the-healthy-pokemon-go-and-what-you-should-know#sthash.8CexoVBh.dpuf