Mapping a way forward

Mt Frankland National ParkSmart technology will be used to make it easier for people to access information to plan and enjoy their Park visits.

Maps currently available for visitors to download or view online are usually embedded in brochures and simplified to suit that format. A new series of digital maps is planned to suit visitors’ needs and to help promote Parks.

Many of our national parks have little or no mobile reception, yet online information and mobile devices often play a significant role in visit planning and people’s overall park experience.

Providing park maps that can be downloaded prior to a visit and then used interactively within the park, offers visitors an easily accessible information option. Geo-referenced PDF’s are used extensively by Park organisations worldwide as a way of offering a downloadable interactive park map which works with a mobile device providing current location.

Whether on a page of paper or on a device that contains GPS technology, maps are important because they help you get around in your daily life. As they say, everything happens somewhere.


The project plan

To find our more download the WA Parks Foundation Mapping Prospectus