Quilted banner goes on display

A quilted banner presented to the WA Parks Foundation by members of the West Australian Quilters’ Association has been installed as an exhibit at the WA Museum Boola Bardip.

This impressive craftwork, inspired by the beauty and uniqueness of Western Australia’s national parks and reserves, is in a showcase in the entry foyer of the Woodside Studios, opposite the main public entry to the museum.

Thirty-nine quilters contributed to the banner which was designed to promote the WA Parks Foundation’s Spring into Parks program. It is made up of individual mini quilts depicting WA fauna, flora, geological features and Aboriginal cultural aspects.

The banner project had its origins in an approach made by the WA Parks Foundation to a talented group of quilters who made 21 quilts for the 2019 Mount Magnet Astro Rocks Fest.

The West Australia Quilters’ Association provides a social network for those interested in quilting in Western Australia. As well as sharing and preserving quilting knowledge, members are involved with community activities and events.

Thank you to Ana Doria Buchan (Activation and Partnerships WA Museum Boola Bardip, Pat Forster (West Australian Quilters’ Association) and Tracy Shea (Park Ambassador) for your part in arranging for the quilt to be displayed at the museum. To visit the museum in Perth and for details about special events, exhibitions and tours, visit: Western Australian Museum | Western Australian Museum