Rottnest visitor surge

Pinky Beach, Rottnest Island. Photo credit: Richard Smyth – Wild Earth Images

Record visitor numbers show that Rottnest continues to be a favourite destination for local, interstate and the now returning international visitors.

Total visitation statistics rebounded to more than 570,000 in 2022 and visitation records were broken this summer, with 119,554 visiting the island in January, up 24 percent from January 2020.

The draft Rottnest Island Management Plan 2023-28, now open for public comment, sets out the Rottnest Island Authority’s priorities for the island’s natural and cultural resources, facilities and visitor experience during the next five years.

It includes the draft Rottnest Island Land Use Plan which defines the proposed land uses within the settlement and importantly classifies the remaining 85 percent of the island as a reserve for the purpose of conservation and recreation. Further information here.

Classified A Class Reserve, Rottnest is abundant in flora and fauna, including thousands of endearing quokkas. Five marine sanctuary zones surround the island. Photo credit: Scoop Digital