Six things to do in parks during the Spring school holidays

Photo: Downy Ducklings

Kids are curious beings and we know the benefits of them spending time outdoors – their motor, social, sensory development, including their general health and wellbeing are enhanced when they explore the natural environment.

Put a spring in your step this Spring and head out with the kids to our WA Parks during the school holidays.  Here are six fun activities to do!

  1. Adventure Caving on at the Yanchep National Park on Friday 28 September
    Climbing, sliding and crawling their way through the limestone cave, kids will discover what makes a cave an exciting place to explore.
  1. Little Day Out at the Daintree Park on Sunday 30 September, includes fun activities for the family including rock painting and cubby building.
  2. Palaeontologist for a day at the Yanchep National Park on Monday 1 October
    Exploring and uncovering fossils on the palaeontologist trail, kids will discover facts about the beasts that roamed the Earth during Pleistocene.
  3. Downy Ducklings at Yanchep National Park on Thursday 5 October.
    Watch the downy ducklings as they wander around water holes. Kids can make their own duckling-designed craft as well!
  1. Nocturnal Tour at the Kanyana Wildlife on Friday 5 October.
    On this after-dark guided tour, families get to meet animals in their nocturnal habitats.
  2. Frog Forage at John Forrest National Park on Saturday 13 October. Kids will explore the bush after dark with a guide and learn to identify distinct species of frogs found in the Perth metro region.

There’s so much more happening in our WA Parks these school holidays, do contact your local park to find out more!