Citizen Science gives the community an opportunity to enhance their scientific literacy in areas that are relevant to them. By participating in Citizen Science projects, you can gain a greater say in and commitment to scientific and research matters.

The Australian Citizen Science Association (ACSA) aims to advance citizen science through the sharing of knowledge, collaboration, capacity building and advocacy. ACSA was developed by a group of dedicated volunteers with a purpose to increase awareness and support of Australian citizen science both nationally and globally.

WA’s quendas are threatened species but these busy little marsupials are often spotted in Kings Park | credit: Bernard Katthagen

There are a range of projects for you to get involved in including the Great Southern Bioblitz, Australian Conservation Foundation’s #NatureNearYou challenge, Sharks and Rays of Ningaloo, collect butterfly sightings with Butterflies Australia, Wild Orchid Watch (WOW) or count Quendas.

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