Smartreka expanded to include Mount Augustus National Park

Mount Augustus National Park in the Gascoyne region is the latest addition to the WA Parks Foundation’s Smartreka mapping series, delivered with the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) and in partnership with BHP.

Smartreka maps make it easier to navigate. They use the built-in GPS on your smartphone or tablet to plot your real-time location.  If the maps are downloaded while network access is available this can be done without a network connection and without roaming charges.

The park’s main feature, Mount Augustus, is a monocline – a type of folded rock formation that leans, or ‘dips’ in a single direction. Sitting on a bedrock of granite, this natural colossus is eight kilometres long and stands 858 metres above the surrounding plain and 1,105 metres above sea level.

This largest “rock” in the world, known to local Wadjari Aboriginal people as Burringurah, is twice the size of Uluru and considerably older.

The Smartreka maps provide information on access, park facilities, trails and other features and attractions at Mount Augustus National Park. There are two maps available:

  • Mount Augustus National Park – Overview
  • Mount Augustus National Park – Summit Trail


Mount Augustus National park: Photo credit: Tourism Western Australia

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For more information on Mount Augustus National Park, including features, access and safety information here.