What is a Smartreka map?

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Francois Peron National Park

The Smartreka maps provide information on camping and picnic areas, lookouts, parking, swimming, toilets, walk trails and their classifications, wheelchair access, Wi-Fi, roads, tracks, safety information and attractions.

There is one map available for download for Francois Peron National Park.


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Big Lagoon in Francois Peron National Park | credit: Susan Pedersen

Why visit Francois Peron?

The Smart Park Map for Francois Peron covers the entire park and shows points of interest and access roads, including those suitable for four wheel drives only.  Accommodation, including camping and caravan sites, picnic and boating facilities are also shown.

Francois Peron National Park is part of the Shark Bay world heritage area and is known for its contrasting red cliffs, white beaches and turquoise waters. It has a rich cultural history beginning around 30,000 years ago with the Malgana people and a fascinating recent pastoral history.

The Park offers a wilderness experience for four-wheel-drivers. Easy driving distance from Denham and Monkey Mia, the Francois Peron Heritage Precinct is accessible by two-wheel drive, however to access the remainder of the park a high clearance four-wheel drive is essential.

Don’t miss Skipjack Point lookout where a purpose built viewing platform is perched on the cliff edge with a chance to see marine life such as dolphins, sharks, rays, dugongs, turtles and schools of fish