What is a Smartreka map?

Smartreka maps make it easier to navigate!  The maps use the built-in GPS on your smartphone or tablet to plot your real-time location. This can be done without a network connection and without roaming charges. To get started, simply download the free Avenza Map app and then visit the map store to download your maps!

The Smartreka maps provide information on access, park facilities, trails and other features and attractions.


To view the maps, download the free Avenza Maps app to your tablet or smartphone via

Then visit the Avenza map store to download your maps.


Why visit Lane Poole Reserve?

Lane Poole Reserve is located 100km south-east of Perth. Here you can enjoy the serenity or embrace your inner adventurer with more than 50,000 acres to explore. You’ll find gorgeous trails with a range of difficulties to choose from. Swim in the tranquil waters or unleash the kayak for some heart-pumping, fast-paced, white-water action in winter.

The map provides an overview of the entire reserve showing access roads and points of interest.

Lane Poole Reserve, Dwellingup, Tourism WA