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Stirling Range National Park

The Smartreka maps provide information on access, park facilities, trails and other features and attractions at Stirling Range National Park. This map covers the entire park and shows the mountain walk trails, including Bluff Knoll, Toolbrunup and Mount Trio, plus picnic areas and vantage points.


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Stirling Range National Park | credit: Parks and Wildlife Service WA

Why visit Stirling Range?

Stirling Range National Park encloses the only major mountain range in the southern half of Western Australia. The rugged peaks rise to more that 1000m above sea level and feature stark cliff faces, sheltered gullies, magnificent views with a rich diversity of unique and colourful wildflowers. The park is one of the world’s most important areas for flora with 1500 species, many of which grow nowhere else, packed within its boundaries.

The Range is also renown for its unusual and sometimes spectacular cloud formations. The Stirling’s are also one of the few places in Western Australia where snow occasionally falls.
The rugged walk trails are steep and have uneven surfaces. All walkers are advised to wear boots or sturdy footwear, weatherproof clothing and sun protection, particularly as the peaks of the Stirling Range are subject to rapid, unpredictable changes in the weather.