Event: Southern Flora Wandoo Woodlands Full-Day Tour

The Wandoo Woodlands Tour ventures east of Bridgetown into drier landscapes where the wandoo woodlands flourish with their fascinating low heath and herb understory and rich bird life. We start with a wander in the Wandoo Valley Walk with its ancient grasstrees and gorgeous foxtails, then travel to Haddleton Nature Reserve and other reserves to see beautiful blue leschenaultia, kangaroo paw, pink boronia, peas, acacias, thomasia and spider orchids. Yellow-plumed Honeyeaters, Western and Rufous Whistlers, Rufous Treecreepers, brilliant blue Splendid Fairy-wrens and Red-capped Parrots can be seen on this tour. The full-day tour must be booked at least one day ahead. Southern Flora full-day and half-day tours are also available to experience the wildflowers and birds of the jarrah and marri forest, karri forest and wandoo woodland in national parks and reserves surrounding Bridgetown.

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Oct 10 2019


8:00 am - 5:00 pm