Explore: A Five Day Liveaboard Catamaran Sailing Course

It’s an adventure of a lifetime as you join a small crew and sail the beautiful Queimarla catamaran along the remote and rugged Western Australian coast.

Experience being part of a sailing team – cooking at sea, night sailing, standing watches and exploring remote coastlines and islands.

You will help plan the trip, study the weather, set the sails and steer the vessel. We will make the yacht go where we want it to go. Exploring, interacting with nature, watching sunsets at sea, trawling for fish and frolicking in the beautiful Indian Ocean.

You will learn and practise all the skills you need to be able to do this safely on your own and you will earn an internationally recognized certificate that will allow you to charter yachts around the world.

This is not a luxury cruise, this is an adventurous expedition!

Places are limited. There are only 5 crew places per voyage.

For more details and to book, click here.


Entry and/or tickets charges apply


Nov 21 - 25 2022


Geographe Bay Yacht Club

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