Explore: Baldwins Bluff Hiking Experience

Be greeted by the local Kangaroos in Serpentine National Park on the Baldwins Bluff Hiking Experience! We’ll begin our wander out yonder at Serpentine Falls, where you’ll admire the water flow over the ancient granite rocks from Serpentine River. We’ll follow the Baldwins Bluff Trail and tackle the 1km ascent up the narrow, rocky Karri Hazel lined trail.
Once we reach the top of our 150m vertical climb, we have a nice flat 1.3km meander through Jarrah, Marri and Wandoo woodlands until we reach the Baldwins Bluff lookout. Here we will stop to admire the stunning valley views whilst enjoying a delicious and nutritious morning tea!

You’ll be in awe of the stunning views out across Serpentine Valley and Serpentine Falls down below! This picturesque trail sure does get the blood pumping but it’s a whole lot of fun and very rewarding!

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Entry and/or tickets charges apply


Oct 15 2022


Serpentine National Park
Serpentine WA

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