Explore: Bush Survival Weekend with Terry Hewett

​Survival skills could help save a life someday. Learn bushcraft skills with Terry Hewett, ex-Special Forces & Order of Australia Medalist.

If your car stalled or got bogged in a remote area, should you stay with the car or go find help? If it got cold at night, can you start a fire without matches? Did you know you animals and birds can lead you to a water source? Can you find North without any tools? If there are others with you, how will this effect your strategy and decision making? What are your priorities?

Join Terry Hewett for a super-fun weekend learning essential bushcraft skills and gaining survival knowledge from Terry’s vast experience. Learn how to get out of your city slicker mindset and move to a survival one; learn how to set priorities based on actual survival experiences. For example, contrary to what most people believe, finding food will rarely be a high priority.

In this weekend course, you will learn the basics of survival. Mindset, Shelter, Tools, Fire, Water, Food, Navigation, Teamwork and Morale. Knowing just a few do’s and don’ts might make all the difference.

Guiding you on this journey, is Terry Hewett. Terry is an Order of Australia medalist (OAM) for service to adventure tourism and charities; and has served 12 years in the military of which 10+ years in the Special Air Service Regiment (SAS). He has a Commendation for Bravery (CDFS – Military). Regards survival training in the SAS, Terry provided training whilst in the Regiment, and ran for 16 years a survival course at TAFE that also included mining groups as clients.

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Plus – if you want to go the extra mile… In the remote Kimberley region, Terry has been running a style of Man Vs Wild, 70 km trek with limited food in a realistic survival situation. An aircraft drops you off to a very remote area and you have to find your way out in a team. Terry believes this is one of the few pristine environments left of the planet and that this realistic survival adventure will transform you as a person. Contact Manu for more information.


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Sep 09 - 11 2022