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Sail the Seven Seas
Hop on a boat and sail the seven seas. Well, maybe that is asking for a bit much, but there is a free sailing day where you and your kids get the opportunity to discover the freedom of being a sailor. There are lots of things to do when you’re on the boat, and it takes a long time to conquer them. So head to the Free Discovery Sailing Day and see if the hobby is for you or your family. Maybe one day you will have a boat of your own!
There is something for this event, with live musical entertainment all day long. Also, there will be entertainment for children too. There is, of course, coffee. And even better, there will be breakfast too!
You can take an incredible tour of the club. And then get to know the different sections, like Sailing (Keel, Dinghy, Cruising in Company and Paddle), Angling, Dive and Power. You get the chance to sail the dinghies and keelboats. And then paddle out on the kayak or paddleboards. This is going to be great fun and is safer than most people would expect. The guides and assistants will do everything they can to help you and keep you as safe as possible.

This is a free event, but you do have to register for tickets. If you are keen, head to Hillary’s Yacht Club on Sunday, October 23rd. Doors open at 9am. Enjoy the day out and discover that you’re a natural sailor for free! Details here.




Oct 23 2022


Hillary's Yacht Club

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