Explore: Discover the River Journeys project – Brentwood Living Stream

The Swan Canning River system is one of Perth’s most treasured recreational, social, and environmental resources, and it needs our care and protection. The Brentwood Living Stream project transformed a degraded stormwater pipe and open drain into a living stream designed to improve the quality of the water entering the river. The area was once part of an extensive chain of lakes and wetlands which supported an abundance of life, however much of this important water network was lost due to urban development. The area is managed by the City of Melville. This area represents a place of healing for Whadjuk people, where the river could offer peace, a place to reflect, and restore harmony and balance. Prior to European colonisation, the Brentwood wetland area was a very important summer area for the Whadjuk people as it provided an abundance of food and freshwater.

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Sep 28 2019


Swan Canning Riverpark