Explore: Discover the Smart Park Map for Kalbarri National Park

Kalbarri National Park is just over 560kms from Perth and is home to the brand new Kalbarri Skywalk! It is one of WA’s best known parks, offering scenic river gorges cutting through red and white banded sandstone and soaring coastal cliffs. The park surrounds the Murchison River, which has cut a magnificent 80 kilometre gorge and created formations such as Nature’s Window, the Loop, Z-Bend and Hawks Head. The region also offers exceptional wildflowers in spring and early summer, plus opportunities for fishing, swimming and boating. See where the camping area, facilities, trails and lookouts are located with the new Smart Maps App for Kalbarri National Park.

Find out more about the Kalbarri maps here or about the WA Parks Foundation mapping project here.

The Smart Park Maps, sponsored by BHP, is delivered by the WA Parks Foundation in partnership with the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.


Free App and map downloads; park entry fee applies


Oct 03 2021


Kalbarri National Park – Kalbarri Skywalk
Ajana – Kalbarri Road, Kalbarri 6536