Explore: Discover the walk trail at the Bicton Baths beside the Swan Canning Riverpark

The adjoining Bicton Quarantine Park takes its name from the former animal quarantine station established here, which included the station jetty. In 1926 the Bicton Baths was created due to the growing popularity of the area as a swimming and leisure activity site. Situated in a tidal gorge and heavily influenced by ocean water inflow, this location is a haven for biodiversity. A variety of marine creatures make their home here, making Bicton Baths a popular spot with divers. Bottlenose dolphins have been known to enter the square jetty with their calves. The park area is managed by the City of Melville. It is a good place to start and follow the virtual trail – Jenna Biddi Yorga, a 2.1km trail towards Point Walter through the Point Walter Reserve with 10 points of interest, and part of the Riverpark Trail along Melville Water. Listen to the stories from Aboriginal Elders on the Geo Tourist app.

Click here to find out about the River Journeys project and here for more information about the Bicton Baths.




Sep 18 2019


Swan Canning Riverpark

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