Explore: Untamed by Chelle Fisher – Island Point Reserve Seaside Immersion

Spring into Parks this Spring as we celebrate nature and adventure.

As your Eco Certified Nature & Forest Therapy Guide, I invite you to join me and your co-therapist “Nature”, on a journey of discovery bathing in the essence of the outdoors. It has nothing to do with taking a bath or shower in the woods. Instead, we will meet and begin our walk at Island Point Reserve. As we traverse along side the Internationally recognized, Ramsar listed Peel-Harvey Estuary, we’ll explore a marine ecosystem brimming with life, giving us an opportunity to observe the creatures that call it home. Another highlight for nature bathers is the opportunity to immerse yourselves in a world class nature reserve brimming with a large variety of Australian fauna waiting to be explored by curious outdoor adventurers. Let me guide you through a sensory awareness expanding practice that simultaneously restores and awakens the body and mind.

This mindful, sensory immersion in nature aims to create an experience that enhances nature connectedness and strengthens social relationships, boosting the therapeutic and restorative effects of nature for health and wellbeing. The intent of this experience is open-ended; there is no prescription for what any person “should” experience, or what benefits they “should” receive. Instead, it is a practice of developing a deepening relationship of reciprocity, in which nature and the practitioner find a way to work together that supports the wholeness and wellness of each.

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Nov 19 2023




Untamed by Chelle Fisher