Explore: Fairy Afternoon Tea and Tour

Artemis is a fairy guide that lives at the Observatory! She loves to fly around and visit all our telescopes and tell everyone about them.

Join Artemis and other Observatory fairies for a tour of the observatory and try to find all the fairy doors, then enjoy afternoon tea with lots of fairy treats. Come dressed as a fairy, forest sprite, elf, pixie, or any magical creature and get involved with exploring the magical places of this lovely, safe environment.

‘Out and about with Artemis at the Perth Observatory’ is a children’s book written by volunteer Dr Janet Baldwin and illustrated by Sharon Tapscott that shows the adventures of Artemis the fairy guide as she visits telescopes and tells the stories of the people who used to work there.

Come visit the Observatory and have a guided tour of the locations of the book, and then an afternoon tea on the Observatory’s lawn.

Book here and get a special discount book price of $5 (retail is $7.95)


Entry and/or tickets charges apply


Oct 01 2023


Perth Observatory
337 Walnut Rd, Bickley WA 6076

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