Explore: Full Moon Yoga Hiking Experience

There is something very mysterious about a full moon! Lunar energy can have a powerful healing force and when combined with yoga can release tension and restore you, leaving you feeling grounded, rejuvenated and fulfilled. Combine this with the natural benefits of hiking and nature and you have the ultimate moonlight bathing session.

As you are guided along the trail by Off The Beaten Track WA, you will witness the sun setting over the valley and the surrounding hills transform from daylight, to dusk to darkness. You will relax at the Golden View Lookout, take in the views of the Mundaring Weir and Beelu National Park and watch the moon rise as you move through your relaxing yoga practice under the stars.

To complete this ultimate bliss experience you will be served warm herbal tea and a light supper. Book Off The Beaten Track here.

Discover more events this Spring using the Spring into Parks calendar to find adventure, fun and wellness. For more info on Spring into Parks click here. 


Entry and/or tickets charges apply


Sep 30 2023


Mundaring Weir
Beelu National Park


Off the Beaten Track WA

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