Explore: Lake Leschenaultia Glamping Weekender

An exclusive opportunity to indulge in nature at its finest, in comfort and style. Enjoy a one night, two day hike & glamping weekender at Lake Leschenaultia, a short 45 minute drive from the city in the Perth Hills.

You will find a home away from home, a comfortable bed, beautiful styling, and the creature comforts from home, where you can enjoy this cozy corner in the heart of nature.

Your weekend will begin with a beautiful hike through Chidlow, before returning to a sunset BBQ spread and a glorious long table experience.

After the sun sets, you’ll embark on a short and sweet night hike around Lake Leschenaultia, and return to camp to sit under the light of the stars and moon until bedtime.

As the sun rises, you can join a morning yoga and meditation session by the lake, or wake up at your leisure after a sleep in. Lazily enjoy a breakfast spread including local bakery pastries and fresh fruit along with freshly made coffee.

After breakfast, let The Hike Collective team “make” your bed, and take care of the pack up, while you head off on our morning trail adventure.

Set in the stunning location of Chidlow, this mini-weekend escape will have you relaxed, refreshed, and re-invigorated.

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Entry and/or ticket charges apply


Nov 06 2021


Lake Leschenaultia
Rosedale Road, Chidlow WA